Our Service Concept

What makes JOPACO different

Most manufacturers today don’t want to deal with prototypes or low-volume work – it is treated like it is an unwanted burden. Our approach is opposite.

JOPACO’s key personnel has strong knowledge and understanding of the main challenges of product development process. Our engineers’ technical knowhow creates strong basis on manufacturing services. Very often schedule comes first and nobody wants to wait for their prototypes. We can help our customers to cut a week or two out from prototype phase.

Customer is Our Priority

We do not mix proto assembly with production: Our customer’s job is our priority. Jobs will never be bumbed down in priority for a volume job. We have automatic production lines, but they have their own equipment and systems and our small series SMT machines are dedicated just to the small-volume.

Flexibility and speed by efficient processes, state of the art softwares for design file management, multiple SMT placement machines, and last but not least – our careful and trained personnel.

JOPACO can populate PCBs with the components provided by our customer or we can save our customer’s time and manage all the material logistics.