Proto Assembly with Speed and Flexibility

Fast delivery time is the basis of cost effective proto assembly service. Typically prototyping is only a minor supporting phase of a larger development project or program. However, unexpected delays in proto assemblies may increase dramatically the overall project costs.

Proto manufacturing and acting as a manufacturing partner to design engineers is our core competence. We understand the criticalness of delivery times in all our operations. In a hectic product development world, delivery accuracy is obviously very important.

In proto assemblies, we emphasize speed and flexibility – both are needed to support product development projects, where you often have already enough schedule uncertainties.

Best Outcome from Partnership

The best and most effective outcome can be achieved in long term partnerships, as both have tuned the concepts and processes to support the overall efficiency of co-operation. The partnership of product development cannot be achieved without good and open communication.

Our guideline is definite: Unclear issues must be cleared and solved - the sooner the better.

Prototype and small series production separated from volume manufacturing