Prototype series and individually assembled prototype boards on short notice – even in a day or two.


    Production series

    We provide contract manufacturing of electronics and possess extensive experience and technical skill from component mounting to final assembly.

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    Our concept

    Our individualized operating model offers the customer timely deliveries, improved quality and minimizes electronics costs.

    More than board assembly

    Jopaco Electronics Oy is an expert in electronics. The company offers services for product development, prototype manufacturing, production, and product maintenance.

    Our core competences are surface mount technology (SMT) and rapid turnaround prototype manufacturing projects. We are a reputable, proficient, and swift contract manufacturer. Our company was founded in 1990.

    Reasons to choose Jopaco

    Manufacturability optimisation

    All the way from our quote, we analyse manufacturability, layout, and component selection to offer the most cost-effective manufacturing method and to avoid risks with material availability. Our prototype manufacturing ensures optimal production.

    Customer design feedback

    We aim to bring our customer’s product to market faster while improving reliability: After the prototype stage or pre-production run, we give feedback on any issues we have discovered to improve the product’s manufacturability.

    Material logistics management

    Our customers receive the full benefit of our expertise in components and supply channels. We can manage all component logistics for the customer, if desired. With us looking after the security of supply, the customer can focus on their core competence.

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