JOPACO Electronics Ltd

JOPACO Electronics Ltd was established in 1990. As a specialist in electronics JOPACO provides services from electronics design to contract manufacturing. Full range service portfolio covers product development, proto manufacturing, production series and product maintenance. We can act as our partner's outsourced department of electronics.

JOPACO aims for long term and close partnerships as development and manufacturing unit in the field of electronics. Our core competence is in SMT process and especially in quick turn-around proto manufacturing process.

JOPACO’s operations are guided by ISO9001:2008 quality standard.

"Also at JOPACO we develop our operations regularly by investments in new equipment and by continuous tuning of processes, but we should not forget the meaning of softer values. Quality is made by careful personnel. In project world such as proto assembly, it is required that the end result is successful already at the very first time. At JOPACO, we have great will to show our capabilities both as individuals and as a team."

Petri Vallittu, Managing Director

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